Next LTC Class Tuesday September 30th


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What we do

We are a firearms training and consulting company located in central Massachusetts.

Our goal is to offer and provide the licensed firearms owner with the level of firearms training they wish to achieve. Our courses are based on proven teaching techniques and real world needs applications.
With over 20 years experience training both civilians and law enforcement personnel our instructors have a through knowledge of Massachusetts firearms laws and hold certifications from the MSP, FBI, MPTC, and NRA.

SG Tactical courses are time and cost efficient. Dollar for Dollar, Round for round we are committed to providing you with the finest firearms training available.

Upcoming LTC Classes

Tuesday September 30th 6-8pm

200 Sportsmen Club

 Sutton Road, Webster, Mass

This course meets Massachusetts gun licensing requirements of the Gun Control Act of 1998, which states that all new forearm license applicants must complete a certified firearms safety course or Basic Hunter Education Course.

Tip of the Month

10 Tactical gun training tips for beginners

1) If you read the course description and you have no idea what any of it means, you probably will not after the course either.

2) If it’s just too much money, then it’s just too much money, please do not mortgage the farm to learn to defend it.

3) Ask questions. Great trainers will appreciate questions and they will help you know what to expect.

4) Look for testimonials. If you can relate to the students who benefited from the course then you have a better chance of doing the same.

5) Remember you are paying trainers to provide you with tools to empower yourself. You are your own best teacher. Listen to yourself. Ultimately you are the one who decides exactly what you will get out of each training session or course you attend.

6) Look for holistic approaches to courses that give you a broad base from which to learn. If you go to highly specialized training events remember these are equipping you to react in specific ways to specific circumstances. The average defense student needs to develop a solid base set of skills before they specialize.

7) Scenario based training is how we connect the dots between putting holes in a piece of paper and tactics for dealing with real life crisis situations. It is invaluable.

8) You are doing this to preserve life, while you are at it you should be enjoying the life you are working on preserving. Good instructors negate the stress and strain of this type of training by having fun in their courses. Yes this is serious business but it doesn’t mean everyone has to wear sunglasses and a frown the whole time. You are not in the military, the goal is not to break you, the goal is to build a more confident and capable you.

9) If the instructor makes you nervous before the course even starts it will only be worse during the course. Nervous people make more mistakes and learn less. Your instructor should exude so much honest confidence that it makes you feel safe and relaxed.

10) Defense training is not ever something we master. It is something we continually practice. This is a life long journey and your only job is to relax, focus, learn and enjoy the ride!

Via The Daily Caller