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What we do

We are a firearms training and consulting company located in central Massachusetts.

Our goal is to offer and provide the licensed firearms owner with the level of firearms training they wish to achieve. Our courses are based on proven teaching techniques and real world needs applications.
With over 20 years experience training both civilians and law enforcement personnel our instructors have a through knowledge of Massachusetts firearms laws and hold certifications from the MSP, FBI, MPTC, and NRA.

SG Tactical courses are time and cost efficient. Dollar for Dollar, Round for round we are committed to providing you with the finest firearms training available.

Upcoming LTC Classes

This course meets Massachusetts gun licensing requirements of the Gun Control Act of 1998, which states that all new forearm license applicants must complete a certified firearms safety course or Basic Hunter Education Course.

April 22nd 6pm – 8pm

200 Sportsmen Club, Sutton Road, Webster, Mass (map)

For more information or to register contact us.

Tip of the Month


Neglecting the bore can not only hurt accuracy but also
eventually ruin any firearm. Here is a five-step process for
cleaning a rifle or pistol (shotguns are slightly different),
as suggested by the Shooter’s Choice staff of experts:

1. Wet two patches with bore solvent and push them through
the bore to remove loose residue.

2. Wet a proper-fitting bronze brush and run it through the
barrel 8 to 10 times – more if the condition of the bore
or number of rounds dictate.

3.Wet three patches and individually push them back and
forth to remove loose fouling.

4. Run a dry patch through the bore. If it comes out clean,
the procedure is complete. If not, repeat the process until
it does.

5. Wet a patch with a good rust preventative and swab the
bore to protect it during storage.


Cleaning a shotgun after a day of shooting is like washing
dishes or taking garbage out after eating a great meal. It’s
not the part you look forward to.

But immediate gun cleaning is just as necessary as kitchen
chores. As a shotgun tube cools condensation occurs. Plastic
wad and powder fouling attracts moisture and hardens, trapping
that moisture against the walls of the tube. Rust and even
pitting can occur.

The experts at Ventco Inc., makers of Shooter’s Choice gun
care products, offer these shotgun-cleaning tips:

- Use only phosphorus bronze brushes that are wound on a
core — they are much more durable and flexible.

- An excellent patch rod can be made from a 5/8ths-inch
wooden dowel with a bicycle handlebar grip fastened to one

- An absorbent paper towel (we’ve found Bounty brand works
best) folded and rolled to bore-filling diameter is an excellent
cleaning patch. Soak the towel with a quality bore cleaner
like Shooter’s Choice MC#7 bore cleaner and conditioner
and push it the length of the bore from chamber to muzzle.
Wet brush and wet patch until clean.

- Use a toothbrush to scrub bearing surfaces with MC#7 to
clean and lubricate. Then wipe it off and coat the metal
surfaces (including the inside of the tube) with a quality
moisture displacer like Shooter’s Choice Rust Prevent.

Via Shooters Choice