About Us

Our goal is to offer and provide the licensed firearm owner with any level of firearm training they wish to achieve. Our courses are based on proven teaching techniques and real world needs and applications. They are designed to both be time and cost efficient and the same school of thought and design are put into each of them, from basic to the advanced courses. "Dollar for Dollar, Round for Round" we not only offer but are committed to providing you, the shooter, with the finest training available. Thank you for your interest in our service and stay safe.
About Dan

Daniel F. George, Owner / Firearms Instructor 10 Years experience in all aspects of firearms training. 10 Years experience teaching civilian firearms courses. 20+ Years of law enforcement experience. Currently the primary/lead firearms instructor for one of New England's largest police department.

Possesses firearms certifications issued by:

  • Massachusetts State Police (MSP);
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI);
  • Massachusetts Police Training Council (MPTC)
  • National Rifle Association (NRA). NRA Life Member
  •  NRA Handgun/Street Survival Instructor/Life member
  • Glock Certified Handgun Instructor/Pistol Armorer
  • Smith and Wesson Certified CQB (close quarter battle/active shooter)Instructor/Pistol Armorer
  • FBI Certified Handgun/Submachine gun Instructor
  • Heckler and Koch Certified Submachine gun Instructor
  • MSP (Massachusetts State Police)Certified LEOSA/basic firearm safety instructor/20 years’ experience
  • MPTC (Massachusetts Police Training Committee) Instructor/Trainer in various firearms training areas
  • Certified CPR/First Responder Instructor
  • 23 years’ experience as SWAT team instructor/supervisor in NE second largest city
  • Department of Homeland Security Area Coordinator
  • Certified Simunition FTX (force on force) instructor

Thorough knowledge of Massachusetts firearms law. Real world knowledge and experience in the use of force.