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  • Course length is approximately two hours.
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  • Home Defense Course and Basic Firearm Safety Course are held indoors and do not involve firing or handling live firearms.
  • Please do not bring live firearms to the courses unless specified to do so.

SG Tactical is currently offering the following classes:

Basic Firearms Safety Course

4 Hour Course / $60.00

This state certified course will covers all aspects of legal firearms ownership in Massachusetts. The issued certificate will be valid to apply for your FID or LTC and to present to your issuing authority (police department). In addition the course will cover the following areas:

- Proper storage of firearms in your home.
- Transportation of firearms in your motor vehicle
- Concealed carry of firearms
- Documentation of training and firearm inventory guidelines
- Home defense
- Legal considerations
- Current law change trends in firearms ownership and license regulations
- In depth review and discussion on FSRs (Firearm Safety Rules)

* The course will be held at a named location on a monthly basis usually on a Saturday morning (9am-1pm). If you would like to sponsor a course at a specified location such as a sportsmen club, public facility or private business WE will come to YOU. Our training courses are taught by a full time law enforcement firearms instructor with over 15 years of experience.

Home Defense Training Course

Hour Course / $50.00

This course is designed to prepare the student for the potential use of a firearm in a home defense application.

This course will cover the following:
- Legal guidelines and restrictions for use of force in your home.
- Massachusetts “Castle Law”
- The “last resort/self defense countermeasure principle”
- Review of safe and proper storage of firearms per MGL
- Presentations of use of force scenarios.
- Tactical considerations for home defense planning.
- Practical applications of firearms and ammunition.
- Range demonstration of commonly used “home defense” firearms.
- Review and practical testing.

Points to consider:
Many firearm owners agree if there life or another life was in danger they would consider using a firearm to defend themself or another person. The law recognizes this fact. However what occurs before the encounter can make the difference between success and failure. The foundation of this course is to give the attendee the mindset, preplanning criteria, and a practical review of the potential use of force options in an effort to prevent or effectively deal with an armed confrontation before it ever occurs.

Basic Pistol Course

2.5 Hour Course / $80.00 - $100.00 includes both classroom and out door range work

This course is designed for the first time shooter or as a refresher to those who have not handled or practice with a firearm recently

The following topics will be covered:

- Safe handling of a firearm. (Muzzle discipline, FOT, Etc.)
- A Review of FSRs (Firearm safety rules)
- Field strip/disassembly and maintenance procedures
- Shooting skill basics; Stance, grip, sight picture, trigger work.
- Dry firing and practice drills
- Live fire drills:
         sighting in, shot group analysis, trigger control, recoil management.
- Handling and shooting of both revolver and semiautomatic pistols.
- Evaluation test

• Attendee must have valid Massachusetts LTC to participate.
• We do not provide or rent handguns (insurance regulation)
• We will provide eye/ear protection, class materials and targets.
• We do not provide ammunition*.

*Please inquire with hosting club or shop they may beable to supply you with what you need. You will need approx. 100-150 rounds for the day for the handguns you are using.  For first time shooters a.22 caliber pistol is fine.  Any other popular calibers work also (9mm, .380, .38 special)

Firearms Familiarity Course

2.5 - 3 hours / $125.00 per person.  All range work will be conducted outside.

This course is designed to familiarize students with the three major types of firearms, which can be used for any situation.  Each weapon will be explained in detail, the basic operating functions will be covered along with the general and specific applications ranging from recreational shooting to home or personal defense. This trio of firearms is commonly thought of as the 3 basic weapon systems that one should own to cover any type of situation.  The firearms you will use are described below:

1.) Semi Automatic Pistol; the semi automatic pistol is a recoil operated, magazine fed weapon. It has A distinct advantage over single shot and revolvers due to its larger magazine capacity, quicker reloading time and in some cases they are more easily concealable.

2.) 12 Gauge pump shotgun; the 12 gauge pump shotgun is one of the most versatile weapon systems in use today. It can be modified in many ways, has a variety of ammunition variants, which can be used for anything from pest control to home defense. It is both easy and simple to operate and maintain.

3.) Center fire rifle/AR 15 or equivalent; the AR style rifle has become the do all of center fire magazine fed rifles.  It has a number of various configurations, effective range of up to 800 yards and numerous applications for sporting, target and defense purposes.

* Each attendee will be required to demonstrate the proper methods to load/unload these weapons, safely handle them and fire a number of rounds proficiently through each one. Live fire demonstrations will performed by both range instructors and attendees on each system demonstrating the various uses and effective applications of each.

Please note that all safety rules must be followed and any violations will result in removal from the class.